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Advertising Production

All design work is based upon the customers marketing communication objectives, products and budget. No effort is ever too much and we pride ourselves in offering superior customer service, flexibility and quality.

Print Design / Graphic Design: This is the creation of advertising campaigns for magazines and newspapers as well as the creation of corporate magazines, brochures, leaflets, packaging, corporate identity’s, annual reports, company profiles, calendars and posters. We apply our professional copy-writing skills to the above and follow through with the entire print process when required up to and including final distribution.

Packaging Design: We have extensive experience in the creation of product packaging. Through design and photographic techniques, attractive product packaging is created that is appealing, versatile and suitable for the environment in which it will be presented. This process can be done according to existing templates or new, cost effective templates can be designed. We will gladly assist you with the choice of card or material for packaging and will make up samples to scale and in colour to check the desired effect before printing. Point-Of-Sale material is often created at the same time as the product packaging as it utilises the same designs and photographs.

Website Designs and Hosting: CREATIVE ASSOCIATES offer web site design services. We create simple yet effective websites, with a focus on selling online and boosting your online presence. We have in-house ISP (Internet Service Provider) facilities so your website can be loaded almost immediately, changes and additions made as well as providing ongoing Search Engine Optimisation services to boost online rankings.

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brochure design



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